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- Production Sound -

To suit a wide array of production types, I maintain studio cart and bag-based equipment setups, as well as the ability to design custom packages tailored to unique workflows.


For critical equipment, only the most high-end professional equipment is used to ensure quality and reliability.


Sound Devices Mixer/Recorders

Schoeps Boom Microphones

DPA Lavaliers

Shure Axient Digital and Lectrosonics Wireless

Denecke and Ambient Timecode Systems

Comtek and Sennheiser IFB Monitoring

- Location Music Recording -

For music-focused productions, I designed a fully remote mobile recording studio featuring redundant hardware recording, digital connectivity for live show integration, and battery backup capability.

I stock a diverse mix of flagship studio microphones to touring workhorses, to suit any genre and provide ultimate flexibility.

As every production is unique, please reach out for more information or to receive a quote. 

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