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Nathan Alef has been recording sounds almost as long as he's been playing instruments. Starting piano lessons at 3 years young, most of his early childhood was spent practicing and writing music. At 8, it was decided that he absolutely must have a minidisc recorder and a professional microphone, for serious composing sessions. Once these tools were acquired, recording music became just as important a discipline as creating it.

A professional freelancer since his early teenage years, Nathan has worked as a session player, music director for theatrical productions, ensemble member, and audio engineer. While attending the University of Oregon (class of 2013), he worked both in and around the school's recording studio, becoming highly in-demand for student recitals and audition tapes. Late nights in the jazz department were also commonplace, as senior album projects were required and student rock bands thrived.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2016, Nathan found a new outlet for his unique mix of technical and creative skills in the world of film production. He loves being in new places every day, working with different artists and creators, recording a wide range of music and dialogue for clients large and small.

Away from set, he still plays music, and enjoys time with his wife and two kids. And he still owns and uses that first microphone, which isn't bad!

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